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Special Offer:   Booking Bonus

Block book six or more staff on one course to receive a discount on the Per Person price Book two or more staff onto any Food Safety course (Not Level 1) we will offer a free premises visit to help you survey and complete paperwork related to food safety. (HACCP)

Added by 1st Line Training on 12/09/2019

Review: The Mailing Room M K Ltd

Just spoke to a lovely lady for help regarding posting a letter without putting a stamp on it. Thank you so much for your helpful attitude! I had made 4 other phone calls and only got recorded messages...ahhhh

Reviewed by Beth Hammett on 30/08/2019

Review: T Elliott

Now a taxidermist isn't your first thought when planning your manscaping requirements but Mr Elliott has been fantastic. My little member is now stiff as a board all year round, the bush stays well maintained with very little daily attention required. His touch is so delicate and he does his very best to get you feeling and looking your best.

Reviewed by Stiphen Willy on 27/08/2019

Special Offer:   Self Hypnosis an Introduction to Hypnosis

Transform your understanding of how you too can develop your skills and become an outstanding hypnotherapist. This amazing Hypnotherapy Course has been developed by Dean Lennard Dean is a ABH Certified Trainer of Hypnosis, and Registered Hypnotherapist with the General Register of Hypnotherapy. He is one of a small but elite group from around the world accredited to train Hypnotherapy. This Hypnosis Online Course is designed to produce deeper levels of trance than you have experienced before and to blow away any preconceived ideas about accessing the true and unlimited power of your Unconscious Mind. Hypnosis is a highly valued skill that people desire. Many leaders in business want to improve their visualisation skills and find a place in their mind where they can control their own state effortlessly. Hypnosis allows you to reach a focal point that is 10,000 times greater than waking consciousness. Result? Faster learning, faster mind-body access, and faster access to Higher Self consciousness. Who is this for? Anyone interested in Personal Development Anyone who's involved in coaching or interested in coaching Anyone involved in sports who wants to enhance their sports performance Anyone looking to be more relaxed and have a more positive outlook on life Anyone interested in the Esoteric Studies Anyone interested in human evolution and transformation Anyone looking to transition or grow in the field of Leadership and Personal Development Anyone seeking the ability to empower themselves and others to have more joy in their lives What will this Hypnosis Course teach you? Learn the history of hypnosis from the Sleep Temples 2000+ years ago, to the work of Dr Franz Anton Mesmer and his Animal Magnetism and ‘mesmerism' to modern day approaches and the application of hypnosis for healing and well being Understand the myths of hypnosis and why knowing them helps release your own and your clients full potential Achieve deep and rapid trance Experience deep levels of trust with your own Unconscious Mind Experience Self Hypnosis Time Distortion Learn more about both the Conscious and the Unconscious minds Exercise based learning What do I need to take part? A desire to learn No previous experience of hypnosis or hypnotherapy is required A curious mind

Added by Hypnosis Academy on 23/07/2019

Special Offer:   Free clean

You will get a free window clean with every pressure washing service booked in.

Added by Prime Shine Ltd on 23/07/2019

Review: E & E Services MK - Jaguar Specialist Milton Keynes

Electronic H-brake on our XF jammed on whilst on holiday. Call to E and E describing my plight was answered by friendly voice with completely 'can do' and positive attitude. None of the usual 'we won't be able to look at it for 3 days' and I was told that if I could get the vehicle to them they would investigate.the problem. We duly arrived with car on the back of a lorry and met with an extremely proficient, friendly and welcoming team. Within the hour we were on our way, with a temporary fix until we got home. Fantastic service - we couldn't be more pleased. Big THANK YOU to all of you. Just wish we could find someone like you nearer home! Mr @ Mrs Bowden

Reviewed by Derek Bowden on 15/07/2019

Special Offer:   App Consultancy

We can give you a free app consultancy for your app over the phone just email and let us guide you through your app choices , what to prepare an think about before you get your app designed and coded.

Added by Wedoapps on 01/07/2019


We offer multiple price range service for all needs.

Added by Fridge Service Company on 23/05/2019